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Civic amenities

The town of Slaný offers all civic amenities. There are 5 kindergartens, 3 primary schools and one special education school within the town, as well as an 8-year secondary school (Gymnázium Václava Beneše Třebízského), a business college and an engineering vocational school. The town also houses an elementary art school. Apart from that, the town of Slaný manages a hospital, a polyclinic, a museum of local history, a cinema, a theatre with multiple ensembles, a number of sports facilities and associations, a swimming pool and more. In 2010, a brewery (Pivovar Antoš) was founded, following on the history of beer-brewing in Slaný.

By bike and on foot

Natural attractions

Slánská hora
The natural landmark of the town is Slánská hora (330 m above sea level). Together with the nearby Vinařická Mountain, they represent the southernmost outcrops of volcanic activity in the Bohemian Central Mountains. There are many interesting places in the protected area, a cave, a quarry and a nature trail. At the top of the mountain are three crosses, which symbolize the suffering of the locals during the Thirty Years' War.

Big Slánský pond

Natural attractions

Spring Slaný
The town of Slaný got its name probably from the salt spring, which sprang at the foot of the mountain. The source itself is associated with the legend of the discovery of Prince Nezamysl and his retinue.

Forest park Háje
Quiet zone - the area serves as an important recreational element of the city suitable for recreation and walks.



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